Bitcoin Audible – Read_546 – Could Bitcoin Be Palestine’s Currency of Freedom? [Alex Gladstein]

‘œIndependence is financial,’ Abukhdeir told me. ‘œIf we don’t have financial freedom, nothing is going to change.’ – Alex Gladstein

Another brilliant addition to the Gladstein series from Bitcoin Magazine. Gladstein has been investigating Bitcoin’s benefits for people all over the globe, those in the first world, the third, connected to the modern banking system, the entirely unbanked, those stuck under oppressive regimes, monetary colonialization, & behind walls of political tyranny. Today he takes a deep dive into Palestine and how they have ben bled dry of their capital and manufacturing base over 50 years in significant part through a monetary and banking system completely controlled by external powers. And how Bitcoin may be a spark of hope to begin changing that harsh reality.

Could Bitcoin be Palestine’s Currency of Freedom?

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