Bitcoin Magazine Podcast – Operating a Business on Bitcoin with Chris Gimmer

Fiat cash, aka government-issued currency, may be singing its swan song. The good news? Bitcoin and free markets have the potential to help people claim back their sovereignty. Chris Gimmer joins us on the show to talk about why the state of markets is so dismal, how government intervention has played a major role in this demise, and why Bitcoin is the way forward through the mess. Chris is the Co-founder of Snappa, a top-of-the-range design and templating SaaS product, as well as the creator of the bitcoin dashboard, In this episode, Chris dives into how we can transition from a fiat frame of mind into a Bitcoin-centered system. Discussing how Snappa is using BTC as their reserve asset, we hear first hand how this has enabled them to weather the economic downtown caused by COVID-19. In an ever-evolving global situation, Chris shares about why he’s moving from Canada to the U.S., and how using a divisible, portable currency allows both brands and individuals to break out of the limitations provided by fiat currency, despite their geographical location. Tune in as we explore why we should be considering a bigger, future-oriented picture by investing in BTC.

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