Bitcoin Spaces – Bitcoin Day in El Salvador

As El Salvador announces Bitcoin as legal tender, and the world looks on in wonder at this amazing example of progress, we host a fascinating roundtable conversation on the important aspects of this news. CK, Aaron Van Wirdum, Alex Gladstein, Mike Peterson, Romero Martinez, and several others talk about the rollout, the public reception, Bukele’s role, and first impressions of the Chivo Wallet. The conversation also covers some of the background leading up to this momentous time, and a few surprising experiences from our panel, including the ability to pay for a breakfast at McDonald’s already! We look at challenges to wider adoption and acceptance of Bitcoin as the main currency, how integration will work with regard to enterprise business, and how the infrastructure and power grid of the country might be able to support Bitcoin mining as it scales. So, to get the latest on these hugely important shifts, and how a small country is leading the charge for the rest of the world to follow, make sure to tune in!

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