CEX.IO February 2022 Media Report

February 2022 was a breakout month for CEX.IO thought leadership. Dmytro Volkov, CEX.IO’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO), was in the spotlight for his analysis of the largest financial seizure of bitcoin by the U.S. Justice Department on February 1, published by Finance Magnates. Along with Volkov, other CEX.IO leaders such as Will Evans, CEX.IO Managing Director, the Americas, and Konstantin Anissimov, Managing Director, U.K., appeared in notable media outlets throughout the month.

This edition of the media report features our top five media hits that went live in February 2022:

Finance Magnates: $3.6B BTC Seizure from Bitfinex Hack: Good or Bad for the Industry? 

On February 18, 2022, Finance Magnates published a report on the seizure of $3.55 billion worth of bitcoin from the 2016 Bitfinex hack, by U.S. authorities. Finance Magnates is a global provider of multi-asset trading news, research, and events with a special focus on electronic trading, banking, investing, and technology. In the report, CEX.IO’s Chief Technology Officer, Dmytro Volkov provided his industry expertise on the events leading up to the arrest of the alleged thieves, and how Bitcoin’s underlying technology made it possible.

“It is difficult to launder crypto because of the immutable nature of ledger transactions,” explained Volkov. Since the blockchain is a preserved ledger of transactions distributed to the public, the on-chain movement of the hacked bitcoin caught the attention of U.S. authorities.

While the New York couple who allegedly tried to launder the hacked bitcoin are in custody, many hackers are using other sophisticated methods to hide their digital footprint. Volkov explains, “Although digital footprints are difficult to trace, consistent proactive efforts to stay a step ahead of cybercrime are absolutely critical to the ongoing success and growth of crypto ecosystems.”

TD Ameritrade Network: Bitcoin Futures (/BTC) Up 19% Since February 4 

On February 15, 2022, Will Evans, CEX.IO Managing Director, The Americas, appeared on TD Ameritrade’s televised network. The network is owned by TD Ameritrade, a broker known for its electronic trading platform. Evans discussed some of the forces influencing bitcoin’s price with host Nicole Petallides.

“The bitcoin market continues to be challenged by numerous macro headwinds,” explained Evans. “From the expected tightening of the Fed policy in March. The geopolitical tensions in Ukraine, and of course uncertain regulatory paths.” 

Despite the crypto market lows, Evans remains bullish on bitcoin, explaining that each bottom in the market has been followed by an uptrend. To watch and listen to more of Evans’ take on the bitcoin market and bitcoin futures, checkout the full episode on the TD Ameritrade Network. 

CoinDesk: Why Ethereum Users Tolerate Exorbitant Gas Fees 

On February 17, CoinDesk published an Op-Ed by Konstantin Anissimov, CEX.IO Executive Director of the U.K. CoinDesk is a trusted, leading media platform that covers the financial system and emerging crypto economy. 

The opinion piece written by Anissimov focuses on the Ethereum network, its expensive gas fees, and the role the network has played in DeFi. In response to the volatile and costly gas fees needed to transact on Ethereum (ETH), projects like Solana and the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network have emerged as cheaper alternatives. While these alternatives have gained some traction, Anissimov explains, ETH is widely regarded as the superior option. 

“Decentralization is key for network security and preventing a chain from being hijacked by those validating it,” Anissimov explains. “This doesn’t mean other chains are less decentralized, necessarily. But with alternative chains, validators have a greater probability of individually or collectively working to reorganize blocks, reverse transactions and carry out other malicious actions. A comparative analysis of Ethereum and its closest competitors illustrates that it is the most decentralized smart contract blockchain in the space.” 

Technology Magazine: Top 10 cryptocurrency exchange platforms 

On February 1, Technology Magazine, a digital media platform that covers the global tech industry, included CEX.IO in its list of top cryptocurrency exchange platforms. The article stresses the significance of choosing the right exchange for your needs, and identifying supported currencies, pricing, withdrawal options, and overall security.

On the global list, Technology Magazine mentioned CEX.IO’s longevity in the industry. Formed in 2013, today CEX.IO serves over 4.5 million customers worldwide as a regulated multi-functional cryptocurrency exchange. The article highlights CEX.IO’s innovation as the first crypto trading platform to grant customers the ability to conduct fiat-to-crypto transactions. According to the article, “CEX.IO is widely considered the best cryptocurrency trading platform for those looking to start trading cryptos from scratch.”

BENZINGA: CEX.IO Adds Two New Senior Executives to C-Suite, Expands Lineup of Altcoins Available on Platform 

On February 17, CEX.IO issued a press release discussing the hiring of two new senior executives and the addition of 30 new altcoins and staking functionality to its U.S. offerings. The PR was syndicated by Benzinga, a dynamic financial media outlet that provides users with business news, stock research, and sophisticated technical analysis tools like stock screeners. 

The press release also covered the addition of two new senior members to the CEX.IO team, including Joel Kosloski as Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and John Werneke as Chief Product Officer. “Joel and John bring the combination of product, security and technology experience essential to drive our global growth,” said Will Evans, CEX.IO Managing Director, The Americas. “With their expertise, we can continue to offer the most diversified breadth of assets customers want, on a regulated platform that is reliable and secure.”


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Author: Ryan Austin