Changelly and Changelly PRO Welcome wLITI Token

Changelly and Changelly PRO are happy to announce that wLITI has joined their family of over 200 cryptocurrencies available for exchange on Changelly. Starting today, users will be able to exchange it for other digital assets at floating rates on their platform. In fact, since Aug. 30, users have already been able to trade wLITI/BTC and wLITI/USDT on Changelly PRO.

Liti Capital SA is a Swiss investment company that combines blockchain-based solutions, advanced data analytics and investigative capabilities to conduct litigation funding. Liti Capital merges traditional financial markets with equity tokens to create next-generation fintech, making private equity investing available to everyone and leveling the playing field for all.

With LITI tokens, an equity token that is a share of stock in Liti Capital SA, the company is bringing the litigation asset class to everyone using blockchain technology. Litigation financing is one of the most appealing asset classes because it can produce high returns on investment even during economic crises. The launch of LITI and wLITI tokens allows any investor to engage in the high-performing litigation finance market previously only available to elite investors.

We appreciate the amazing support that established exchanges such as Changelly Pro have shown to our $wLITI token. With high profile projects in the blockchain and decentralized finance spaces finally attracting mainstream interest, we are excited to explore the possibilities for $wLITI as a wrapped version of an equity token that offers regular people a chance to invest in an asset class that previously wasn’t available to them.

Jonas Rey, Liti Capital CEO

“We are happy to welcome wLITI into our big family and hope that our users will get the maximum benefit from this collaboration. It is incredible to partner with a company that provides financial resources, strategic solutions, and worldwide renowned connections to the best law firms to help plaintiffs obtain an award to court for the damage or loss they have suffered.”

Changelly team

About Liti Capital

Switzerland-based Liti Capital is a Swiss limited liability company specializing in litigation finance and fintech. Liti Capital buys litigation assets to fund lawsuits and provides a complete strategic solution along with connections to top law firms to help clients win their cases. Tokenized shares of the company lower the barrier of entry for retail investors and give token holders a vote in the company’s decision-making process. Dividends are distributed to LITI token holders upon the success of the plaintiff. Jonas Rey, co-founder of Liti Capital, also heads Athena Intelligence, one of the most successful intelligence agencies in Switzerland. His two co-founders, Andy Christen and Jaime Delgado, bring operational, innovative and technical skills to round out the leadership team. 

Liti Capital recently onboarded seasoned industry leader David Kay as chief information officer and executive chairman. Boasting more than a decade of experience as funding partner and portfolio manager of a billion-dollar private equity fund in the litigation financing space, Kay successfully enforced what was at the time the largest international arbitration award in history, bringing in over $1 billion in cash and securities.




About Changelly

Changelly provides an ecosystem of products and services that enables customers to have a one-stop-shop experience when engaging with crypto. 

Operating since 2015, Changelly acts as an intermediary between crypto exchanges and users, offering access to 200+ cryptocurrencies that can be effortlessly exchanged within 10 minutes on desktop and on the go via Changelly mobile app.

In 2020, Changelly branched out to accommodate the needs of traders. PRO has been built as a platform focused on the customer’s needs, effectively enabling retail buying and selling digital tokens and coins. Piggybacking on the great support system found within Changelly, Changelly PRO will provide the community with high limits, effective pricing, fast execution, and 24/7 live support.

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Author: Anneke Muis