Dogecoin, Ravencoin and Moonshots with Tron Black of the Ravencoin Project

Ravencoin’s Tron Black joins Tatiana & Josh for a fascinating discussion about the project. From its origins and goals to the technology specifics, you’ll learn tons about the currency and its blockchain, from the challenges of keeping fairness in the mining community to regulatory issues that the entire blockchain space are dealing with. Plus, Tron’s thoughts on Dogecoin’s rise, Elon Musk’s involvement, and what sets Ravencoin apart from it.

About the Guest:
Tron Black is a freedom advocate, crypto developer, entrepreneur, and founder of two startups which were sold to publicly traded companies. Since early 2013, Tron has been working in the crypto-currency space as a miner, developer, investor, and trader. He was one of the first five employees of t0 (tzero), and helped issue the first publicly traded SEC acknowledged parallel crypto-equity forOverstock.comand the world’s first crypto bond offering. Tron was a Principal Developer for Medici Ventures which invests in a portfolio of companies including TZero, Bankorus, Bitt, Voatz, Minds, Chainstone Labs, Ripio, SettleMint, Vinsent, and Spera. Tron is currently the President of the Ravencoin Foundation. Tron has given away crypto-currencies to hundreds of people to help increase awareness of how value now moves as easily as e-mail. He’s written articles about Bitcoin, Monero, Dash, STOs and Ravencoin, and been featured on many crypto-currency podcasts. He regularly gives talks on crypto-currency topics worldwide. Tron is currently an advisor to TZero, TUSC,, EquaStart, and the lead developer for Ravencoin (RVN) which is both a top crypto-currency and a leading crypto-asset platform.

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