EEA Member Spotlight with Jon Trask, CEO & Founder of Dimitra Incorporated

As an EEA member, Dimitra is part of the EEA community of organizations working to advance Ethereum and drive industry adoption. In the Q&A below, the EEA interviewed founder and CEO Jon Trask about how Dimitra contributes to the ecosystem to help Ethereum reach its full potential.

Please introduce your company and yourself briefly.

I’m Jon Trask, the CEO and Founder of Dimitra. Dimitra is a global agriculture technology company on a mission to make its blockchain-based Dimitra platform available to smallholder farmers globally. Combining blockchain with AI, satellites and IoT sensors enables the farmers to take advantage of a myriad of services aimed at helping them increase yield, reduce costs, and mitigate risk. From machine learning-based advice to DeFi loans, Dimitra has many capabilities to make it easier for farmers to run their businesses.

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Why did you decide to become a member of the EEA, and what are you currently working on with regards to Ethereum?

We decided to become a member to collaborate with the EEA community and explore best practices learned through years of blockchain integration. Regarding Ethereum, our Dimitra Connected Farmer application utilizes Ethereum-based smart contracts along with other technologies to streamline agricultural processes for farmers and governments globally. Our ERC-20 based DMTR token is the catalyst that fuels our ecosystem. Farmers, governments, and investors alike can benefit from our work because when farmers thrive, entire economies thrive.

How will the EEA enhance your organization’s current efforts? What EEA programs are you most excited about?

The EEA will enhance our organization’s current efforts by giving us the opportunity to leverage its expertise in enterprise-grade blockchain and software development. We are most excited about joining EEA’s working and interest groups and staying up-to-date on the latest use cases.

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