Google Searches For ETH Merge Hit An All-Time High

Google Searches for ETH merge hit an all-time high with Canadians, Singaporeans and Australians were not as curious to know about the ETH upgrade as we can see further in our latest Ethereum news today.

According to the Google Trends data, people across the world have been keen to find out more about the ETH merge that google searches for it once peaked in popularity at once. Ethereum Merge was about 21% as popular as it is now and the explosion of searches after the data made the term hit a peak in popularity across the world on March 20. Canada accounted for the most searches over the past 365 days and the data assigns the country a value of 100 and gives it the highest possible score for the ETH merge searches among the population.

eth search
Interest by region for the term ethereum merge over the past 12 months. Source Google Trends.

In Canada, the term reached popularity from March 13 to 19 but then it crashed to 39% of that. The Australian population came in second and made 84% of the searches. Singaporeans came in third and they were 80% interested in the merger. In the meantime, the UK and the Netherlands came fifth and sixth with both groups making 525 of the searches as Canadians. In Britain, ETH Merge was about 43% of its peak popularity and it didn’t climb until March 13 after which the term hit peak popularity again.

The google trends data also shows that the PoS, ETH merge date, and Ethereum 2.0 release date were searched for which comes as no surprise since all of the topics are deeply interconnected. The Merge is actually a new chapter of the road to Ethereum 2.0 which branded to a consensus layer recently. Just like BTC, ETH no uses a PoW consensus mechansim which means ETH miners with the biggest computing power get to validate a lot of the transactions on the blockchain and earn rewards. The mechanism also attracted heavy criticism for its high energy usage.

interst in eth merge
Interest in the term ethereum merge over the past 12 months. Source Google Trends.

During the Merge, the ethereum mainnet will merge with a PoS system dubbed Beacon Chain, and the validators who stake the most coins will validate the most transactions. The ETH foundation claims that 2.0 will solve Ethereum’s scalability issues and the network now handles up to 30 transactions per second which are expected to increase to 100,000. Also, the scalability will ease the network’s expensive gas fees.

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Author: Stefan