How to Make the Most Out of Changelly’s Affiliate Program

At first glance, affiliate programs seem like the easiest way to make some cash on the side — just paste a link somewhere on your web page and watch the profit roll in. However, your affiliate revenue can turn out to be rather underwhelming if you don’t properly prepare your platform and set up your affiliate tools.

There are many ways for maximizing your affiliate revenue — one of the easiest ones, of course, is to sign up for as many programs as possible. However, this might not be a great fit for everyone and can be quite troublesome to carry out in reality. 

Unless you’re an individual or a company that specializes in advertising products or has a ton of platforms, each of them involving a different area or industry, we would recommend focusing on only a few affiliate programs at the same time. And once you choose what programs you would like to work with, it’s time to ensure you make the most out of them!

Changelly’s affiliate program rewards you for every transaction your users make via our service, be it through a widget placed on your platform or directly on our website or in our app. Once a user clicks on your affiliate referral link/banner/button and gets redirected to our website, they will be automatically considered your referee, and you will receive a commission from every exchange and purchase they make on Changelly.

Attracting New Referees

There are two main ways to increase your affiliate earnings: get new people to become your referees and ensure that those you refer make as many transactions as possible.

Attracting new referees is relatively easy — it requires using almost the same tactics as increasing your ad revenue and CPM. After all, at their core, referral links and banners are nothing more than advertisements.

Here are some things you can do to increase the number of people who click on your links and become your referees. 

  • Increase your traffic. This one is a no-brainer. The more visitors your page has, the more people there will be who can potentially click on one of your links. You can attract a bigger audience by advertising your platform, optimizing your website for search engines, creating more and better content, and so on.
  • Mix and match different affiliate tools. Users are more likely to click on ads they haven’t seen before, so it can be a good idea to experiment with different types of tools. Some fit better with certain types of platforms — for example, crypto services like wallets or trading platforms can benefit from using our widget a lot more than blogs.
  • Test different banner and button placements. Scroll maps and eye-tracking research show that there are places that users are more likely to look at when browsing the Web. Sometimes, getting more clicks can be as easy as moving all your banners from the left side of your web page to the right one.
  • Personalize your affiliate tools. Although we offer some stock banner designs, we greatly encourage our affiliate partners to request their own personalized ones. Our designers are always happy to envision your designs and slogans and create banners that will perfectly suit your platform.

Getting Your Referees to Make More Transactions

Having a ton of referees is obviously good, but is it really that profitable? We have seen quite a few cases when our affiliates would attract a lot of users to our platform but would barely get anything out of it. It is important to target users who will actually make exchanges and purchases on Changelly. Otherwise, your profit won’t be as high as it has the potential to be.

  • Match the ads to the content. We have listed over 160 cryptocurrencies on our platform, but not all users will be interested in all of them. If your platform is intended for crypto beginners, you can create buttons and links that lead to specific beginner-friendly exchanges, such as BTC/ETH. Additionally, if you’re talking about a particular coin or token, you can create a custom button that leads to the purchase of the said cryptocurrency.
  • Avoid ad oversaturation. If you choose to work with several different affiliate programs (and you should if you want to increase your passive income), try not to partner with platforms that provide similar services. Users may be less likely to trust your recommendations if they see that.
  • No sneaky ads. Referral links are called a universal tool for a very good reason — they can be hidden almost anywhere, including places like video pause buttons. However, we do not recommend using tricks like this since users that click on such hidden links tend to get annoyed. So, they are much less likely to interact with the platform you’re advertising, especially if it provides financial services like Changelly.
  • Redirect users to our blog. If your platform is educational in nature, you can talk to us about getting links to our blog instead of our instant exchange. Many articles in our blog redirect users to our exchange and may increase the likelihood of your users buying/exchanging crypto on Changelly.
  • Be honest. That is, of course, if you choose to write about us. This is probably the best and the most important thing you should do to ensure your referees actually use Changelly and bring you profits. Be clear about what our platform does, what fees we charge, and what services we provide. This way, users who click on your referral link will actually increase your revenue by using our service.

Some Tips on How You Can Advertise Changelly

Changelly is a beginner-friendly instant exchange platform that does not store user funds, has a straightforward registration process that isn’t required for making transactions, and has an incredible 24/7 support team with a sub-one-minute response time.

Our platform is perfect for crypto beginners or users who don’t want to deal with the hassle of operating on a full-featured exchange. It is a quick and easy way to get any crypto you want. Please note that there are some countries where we don’t operate — you can find them listed in our Terms of Use (clause 5.1.3).

In addition to our platform itself, you can also advertise our blog, which is perfect for beginners as well: we post a ton of educational articles on all things crypto, analyze some of the latest crypto news, and post price predictions. The latter is our most popular type of content — price predictions always get the most traffic and redirects to our exchange platform.

If you own a crypto blog or news platform, we would also recommend putting Changelly’s affiliate tools in either educational or analytical articles.

Our Affiliate Tools

There’s a lot to say about our affiliate tools, but the best way to see which one would fit your platform is just to test them all. Some are inherently better than others when it comes to specific platform types — for example, there’s simply no way to use widgets on social media sites. 

Each tool has its own tips and tricks that can maximize the revenue it will provide for you. Please note, however, that we can only give some general advice as no two platforms are the same. 


Perfect for: social media influencers, bloggers, pretty much everyone


Referral links are probably universal: this affiliate tool can be used anywhere, by anyone. Technically, the other two redirect-type tools we offer — buttons and banners — are just referral links in disguise. Unlike other affiliate tools, links can be easily used on social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram.

Referral links are especially effective when used on websites or platforms that have a user base consisting of active crypto investors. The bigger your platform, the more affiliate revenue they can bring you in the long run — that is, of course, if you use them correctly. We generally advise against using too many referral links and definitely would not recommend hyperlinking unrelated words, buttons, or random images.

Nevertheless, if you have a platform that is less likely to have regular visitors or your user base only has a passing interest in crypto, it can be a good idea to pepper referral links in every nook and cranny. The biggest downside of using a lot of referral links is that users might get annoyed and be less likely to visit your website in the future. However, if you’re not trying to build a loyal visitor base, this shouldn’t become an issue.


Perfect for: bloggers, website owners


Buttons are a great tool for increasing your turnover. They are not as flashy as banners and often only get clicked by users who actually want to make an exchange or a purchase. Buttons can lead to specific crypto pairs, and we recommend making good use of this feature.

Buttons belong best at the end or in the middle of articles that focus on specific cryptocurrencies. They are not very customizable, but you can adjust their color.


Perfect for: social media influencers, bloggers, pretty much everyone


Banners are the bread and butter of the advertising industry. They attract attention, can hold some information, can be placed almost anywhere, are highly customizable… And the list goes on. They are great at fulfilling both requirements for making the most out of an affiliate program — banners are amazing at getting users to click on them yet are still targeted enough to attract users that will actually bring you profit in the long run.

Each website has its own sweet spot when it comes to banner placement. We recommend either testing it or working with a reliable ad agency or network to determine what will be the best option for you. Generally, banners are placed near menus, tags, suggested articles, and so on — think of places where the users’ gazes are most likely to drift to.

Changelly’s banners can be customized to your heart’s content — just send a request via your affiliate dashboard, and our design team will create a perfect banner for you.


Perfect for: crypto services, news outlets 


Widgets are probably the fanciest tool we offer. They act as a miniature (or big, you can decide what size you want it to be) version of our exchange available directly on your platform. They are perfect for crypto services like crypto wallets, games, or NFT marketplaces that require users to own crypto but don’t offer any ways of exchanging or purchasing it by themselves.

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Author: Daria Morgen