MyEtherWallet Will Allow Users To Mint ETH Blocks As NFTs

MyEtherWallet will allow users to mint ETH blocks as NFTs according to the CEO Kosala Hemachandra who said that the first NFT drop will make history. Let’s now find out more about it in today’s Ethereum news.

MyEtherWallet will allow users to mint ETH Blocks and it launched its first NFT collection called ETH blocks a few days ago, which tokenizes individual blocks on the Ethereum blockcahin. The Unique images associated with ETH blocks are generated based on the block data. These NFTs can be only available to MEW users via the MyEtherWallet website.

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A number of blocks already were claimed and Ethereum’s founders even called the first dibs on blocks one through 10. there are 13 ETH blocks that represent the history of Ethereum like major milestones, updates, and forks to the blockchain which has been put up for a month in an auction as the proceeds are waiting to be donated to organizations like the Skid Row Housing Trust, Girls Who Code, and Wikipedia. The CEO of MEW Kosala Hemachandra spoke about it:

“MEW is dedicated to making history by bringing NFTs to help newcomers and experienced users explore a new way of Ethereum in a trusted environment.”

He went on to explain that the project aims to provide more access to all the Ethereum blockchain has to offer and since most NFT markets are now built on the Ethereum blockchain and he said that it makes sense to involve ETH users at all skill levels by allowing them to mint. When asked what he considers to be the value driver behind having an ETH block, Hemachandara said:

“The amazing thing about ETH Blocks is that they can be sentimental and meaningful or an educational tool. Users [can] take control of the ETH Blocks in the way they want to and be as creative as they can be with how they share them and which moment on the blockchain they mint.”

As much as ETH blocks are sentimental for the users, Ethereum’s history and individual forks and upgrades still hold a special place in the MEW team. Since both the Ethereum blockchain and MyEtherWallet were founded in 2015, the CEO noted that MEW has a priority to be at the forefront of innovation for the community:

“We believe that [Ethereum] can grow into the indisputable best blockchain for Web3. And now, with ETH Blocks, we all can remember how we got there when we arrive!”

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Hemachandra wrote also about the value beyond the hype of NFTs and with the announcement now of the ETH Blocks, he and the MEW team are going to show their conviction of the Ethereum blockchain and the staying power of NFTs.

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Author: Stefan