NIKE And RTFKT Revealed The First ETH NFT Metaverse Sneaker

Nike and RTFKT revealed the first ethereum NFT metaverse sneakers and they are complete with style-changing Skin Vital NFTs as we are reading more today in our latest ethereum news today.

Nike and RTFKT revealed the first digital metaverse sneakers and the giant acquired the NFT company RTFKT studios in December. Sneaker giant Nike made a huge entry in the metaverse back in December when it acquired RTFKT Studios which is a company known for its original digital sneakers sold as NFT assets. That alliance today bore its fruit as they announced the first Ethereum NFT sneakers.

The RTFKT x Nike dunk Genesis CryptoKicks are digital wearable items that are designed for use in the Metaverse worlds while RTFKT revealed them as a teaser video on Twitter showing how the look of digital shoes can be altered in Skin Vials which can be swapped to enable varying styles. Nike’s first CryptoKicks can be opened via RTFKT’s MNLTH Ethereum NFTs which were airdropped for free to the holders of the valuable CloneX profile picture NFTs and others earlier NFTs in February. The NFT is a type of token which is used to show ownership over digital assets like artwork, video game items, and anything else that can be found online.

Today’s reveal came after a series of quests, puzzles, and collectors which had to solve before RTFKT launched the website which allows holders to open the NFT vaults. As some holders shared via social media, the vaults contain a part of CryptoKicks, a Skin Vial, and another MNLTH vault. Already, owners of the RTKFT x Nike Dunk Genesis CryptoKicks NFTs which are trying to resell the ETH-based digital sneakers on the secondary markets and on OpenSea, the sneakers started at a price of about 5 ETH or over $14,800 as of the time of writing. In December 2019, Nike got a patent for cryptoKicks as a blockchain-powered system where the digital assets can be paired with a physical product.

As recently reported, Nike sued the online sneaker reseller StockX after it filed a lawsuit at the New York Federal court today alleging that the vendor sold images of Nike sneakers as NFTs without authorization. Since the year started, StockX sold a huge variety of sneaker-themed NFTs as a part of its “Vault” collection. The NFTs are modeled on real sneakers and Nike complained that StockX told buyers that the unapproved NFTs will be redeemable for physical goods in the near future.

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Author: Stefan