Price Prediction for Polygon Crypto

High commissions in the Ethereum cryptocurrency network are breaking all records. In 2021, the average commission exceeded the $20 mark and continues to grow. This is due to the hype around Ethereum-based decentralized finance (DeFi) tokens that slows down the work of the blockchain.

However, there is one project called MATIC that offers a Layer 2 solution to increase the bandwidth of Ethereum and reduce the commission within the network. In this article, we take a closer look at the potential “savior” of the crypto industry in the question of scalability.

What is Polygon (MATIC) Token?

Matic Network is a platform for scaling Buterin’s crypto network. This means that Matic is not a separate blockchain — rather, it is an add-on over the second-largest cryptocurrency (in terms of market cap), which allows users to access the functionality of the second-largest cryptocurrency. 

The main function of the Polygon MATIC Network was to solve the problem of Ethereum scalability. Ethereum is the main platform for creating decentralized applications (DApps), but the network bandwidth needs improvements. As soon as DApps became popular, a large number of operations overloaded the whole network, which caused an outflow of users.

Matic Network offered a second-level solution — instead of conducting transactions directly on the Ethereum network, they were first processed by Matic itself. This was done with the help of Plasma technology. And only after that, the transactions got into the main Ethereum network. This allowed the Matic Network to achieve a speed of 7,200 transactions per second (TPS). For comparison, this indicator is about 15 for Ethereum.

From Matic to Polygon

The developers of the platform did not think to stop. In 2021, they rebranded the network, and it became known as Polygon. But in addition to the new name, it also has new functions. Now, it is a platform for creating interconnected networks of second-level blockchains. In other words, with the help of the Polygon SDK, anyone can create their own blockchain for certain purposes.

Existing scalability problem solutions that have introduced blockchains compatible with the Ethereum network are fragmented. This means that there is no single protocol that would ensure the compatibility of blockchains and reliable interaction between them. Therefore, Polygon Network is aimed at creating a single sovereign and scalable infrastructure for the development of, in fact, the Internet of blockchains.

This is what the ecosystem built around Ethereum will look like after the development of the Polygon network:

“Everyone” will interact “with everyone,” eliminating the problem of fragmentation in the ecosystem. As it develops, Polygon will expand the set of modules to create secure, compatible, and convenient user networks that developers can deploy in one click.

MATIC is a token of the ERC-20 standard so that it can be stored on any Ethereum wallet, including Eidoo and Metamask. If you want to obtain MATIC instantly, you can buy it with a credit card, bank transfer, Apple Pay, or swap MATIC coins to more than 200 other digital assets presented.

Since high bandwidth in the Ethereum network is very important, the competition in the development of appropriate solutions is enormous. One thing is for sure, the development of Polygon is very vigorous, but the project clearly lacks proper marketing and activity in social networks. However, the multibillion-dollar capitalization and high trading volume speak for themselves.

Technical Analysis of Matic

In the period from June 22 to June 29, the Polygon (MATIC) price made 5 attempts to grow. However, each time the critical resistance stopped the growth of the crypto. Therefore, there is a possibility that the new MATIC price increase will not go further, overcoming this obstacle.

The MATIC price rose by 34.53% after hitting the bottom at $0.927 on June 22 and overcoming the resistance at $1.235. However, this movement ended in a fall, as the support of buyers was not enough.

Similar events occurred later, which makes the $1.235 region critical. For “higher highs” of Polygon (MATIC) prices, growth above this level is required.

On July 2, the price of the landfill fell sharply, after which it increased by almost 12%. Faced with the $1.165 barrier, MATIC is currently retreating but will soon resume the uptrend. In this case, it can start a new growth of 11 percent before testing the resistance of $1.235.

The decisive closing of the candle above the mentioned resistance on the 4-hour chart signals an influx of buyers to the market. In such a bullish case, the MATIC price may rise to $1.32. Investors should also consider the possibility of rejection at the level of $1.235.

Polygon MATIC Price Prediction 2021

Based on technical analysis and prevailing developments in the field of decentralized applications, MATIC price forecast for 2021 shows that the price of the token will gradually increase. It is currently competing with Polkadot (DOT) in an attempt to improve the Ethereum ecosystem by offering scalability solutions. By attracting well-known developers to their initiative, they have an advantage that will allow them to reap the resources of their developments earlier.

Below is a chart of possible future growth of the MATIC price for 2021, based on the forecasts of trusted analytical sources.

Polygon Price Prediction 2021
Month Average Price ($) Change (%)
Aug 2021 $1.28 USD 60.33 %
Sep 2021 $1.2 USD 39.50 %
Oct 2021 $0.9 USD 30.8 %
Nov 2021 $1.27 USD 60 %
Dec 2021 $1.1 USD 39.8 %

Moreover, the development of decentralized applications is a favorable environment for optimistic sentiment, which is expected to continue on MATIC. Ultimately, Polygon’s price movement seems to be on an upward trajectory as long as it uses the second crypto network to develop decentralized applications and smart contracts.

Polygon MATIC Price Prediction 2022

Analytical portals agree that, in general, the cryptocurrency will grow, but they do not predict such rapid changes. For example, Digital Coin Price writes that by January 2022, the cost of MATIC will be about $1.43. According to the portal’s forecast, the cryptocurrency will return to the $2 mark again only by April 2023. The table with the average possible MATIC rate in 2022 is presented below.

Polygon Price Prediction 2022
Month Average Price ($) Change (%)
Jan 2022 $1.26 USD 55% 
Feb 2022 $1.18 USD 44%
Mar 2022 $1.13 USD 41.5%
Apr 2022 $1.08 USD 36%
May 2022 $1.17 USD 42.98%
Jun 2022 $1.10 USD 38.8%
Jul 2022 $1.20 USD 46.7%
Aug 2022 $1.28 USD 60.33%
Sep 2022 $1.27 USD 39.50%
Oct 2022 $1.2 USD 60.88%
Nov 2022 $1.29 USD 61.34%
Dec 2022 $1.31 USD 39.8%

Polygon Price Prediction 2025

MATIC might resume the trade at $1.99 during the start of January 2025. The Polygon price might reach newer heights if it gains the attention of the investors. The token might decline to $1.22 if the currency comes across supply pressure. By the end of 2025, the altcoin might be exchanged at $2.44.

Polygon Price Prediction 2025
Month Average Price ($) Change (%)
Jan 2025 $1.99 USD 120% 
Feb 2025 $2.64 USD 200.11%
Mar 2025 $2.33 USD 167.76%
Apr 2025 $2.23 USD 183%
May 2025 $3.57 USD 228.88%
Jun 2025 $3.28 USD 188.61%
Jul 2025 $2.60 USD 230.33%
Aug 2025 $1.22 USD 80.92%
Sep 2025 $2.82 USD 234.14%
Oct 2025 $2.23 USD 180.8%
Nov 2025 $2.58 USD 227.73%
Dec 2025 $2.44 USD 210.03%

Polygon Crypto Price Prediction 2030

DigitalCoinPrice appears to be confident that MATIC will continue to grow well beyond 2025. It has the token comfortably exceeding $3 throughout 2026 before going past $4.50 in 2028. In theory, by 2030, Polygon could well be trading at over $5 per token.

Meanwhile, Coin Price Forecast has put forward a similar Polygon price prediction for 2030. According to its technical analysis, MATIC will actually break the $5 mark in 2027 before continuing its upward trend, seeing the growth of some 430% by 2030 and trading at approximately $5.77 per token. 

In terms of the course, Polygon has an outstanding potential to reach new heights. According to forecasts, MATIC will grow in the course. According to experts and business analysts, Polygon can reach the highest price of $31.15 by 2030.

Polygon Price Prediction 2035 – 2040

Since the cryptocurrency is showing growth now, it is very difficult to predict changes in the exchange rate for the long term. The future of the company will depend on the implementation speed of its plans, as well as the stable and correct operation of the network. At the moment, there is a positive development of the project. There is a slight lack of marketing solutions to attract a larger circle of investors and partners.

Should I Buy Matic Now?

MATIC runs on the Polygon system, which is a second layer network designed to add scalability to Ethereum and improve the interaction between its blockchains. Polygon solves many problems of the ETH token system, and therefore MATIC quickly attracted the investment trend. In early January of the year, 2021 MATIC exchange rate was $0.018, and in March, Polygon price rose to $0.545.

In 2021 Polygon has shown a dizzying growth — by 9,000% and is already positioned as the next generation of Ethereum in the industry of cryptocurrencies. At the end of June, a billionaire – Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, joined the community as an investor, which could be a key event that may support the further growth of Polygon. 

The fall of the cryptocurrency market was also reflected in such segments as NFT and DeFi. Thus, the volume of coins blocked in decentralized finance has decreased from $88 billion to $48 billion.

The recovery of the DeFi market volumes and the transition of a number of related projects and services to the Polygon sidechain will lead to the growth of the MATIC coin, which is already trading 38 times higher than at the beginning of the year. Against the background of the recent general correction, MATIC has shown high stability, which can be the key to Polygon’s future growth.

Polygon (MATIC) has reached many notable goals in 2021. The project offered the community a Layer 2 solution for Ethereum. Low fees and fast transactions have eased the suffering of DeFi projects developers and users.

MATIC started the year at $0.01. At its peak, the currency was worth $2.26, having risen in price by more than 26,000%.


Can MATIC reach $1?

Going by the long term, say 1 year, the MATIC price can escalate to $1. The long-term earning potential is +51.05% in one year.

Can MATIC reach $5?

A year ago, no one thought that the cryptocurrency rate would reach $1. Of course, everything is possible. But even the most daring price forecasts for MATIC do not assume this in the near future.

Can MATIC hit $10?

MATIC has turned out to be one of the most profitable cryptocurrencies for the people who support investing in digital assets in 2021. Many crypto experts believe Polygon MATIC is an excellent choice for your investment portfolio, with the potential for its price to go even higher.

Can a MATIC coin rise to $100?

Although there are different forecasts regarding MATIC’s future price prediction, almost all of them are bullish. MATIC coin is good for long-term investments. Its price keeps on increasing, and some users believe that Polygon’s network token will be able to reach $100 by 2040.

What will Polygons be worth in 2025?

According to the Polygon cryptocurrency price predictions, MATIC coin will reach the lowest possible level of $2.22 in 2025. Market analysts suppose the MATIC exchange rate can reach the maximum possible level of $3.57.

Is the MATIC coin a good investment?

Since the beginning of the year, Polygon (MATIC) has brought large profits to investors. But now, it is nearly impossible to say for sure whether the rapid growth of Polygon price will continue. As with other assets, you should be careful, do your own research (DYOR), and do not invest more than you can afford (divide investment fund). Remember that the cryptocurrency market is characterized by high volatility. That’s why it is of vital importance to keep up with the latest news and cryptocurrencies’ current rates.

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