Return of the Space Cow Boy: where to buy SCB as it surges 170%

Space Cow Boy is an NFT marketplace and curator that aims to become the number one destination for sci-fi fans

The NFT medium lends itself to sci-fi themes naturally, with a significant crossover between lovers of the genre and tech pioneers. With the theme of space also prevalent in crypto circles thanks to the “to the moon” meme, Space Cow Boy (SCB) feels like an inevitable result of the collision of these two worlds.

With a price surge of 170% today, SCB is one of the hottest tokens on the market, and in this article, we’ll show you how and where to buy SCB right now.

How & where to buy Space Cow Boy in the UK and elsewhere

Space Cow Boy tokens can be purchased easily online. If you want to start trading cryptocurrencies today, we’ve listed two of the very best platforms to get started with. After you’ve created a free account, simply connect a payment method and make your first deposit. You can now begin trading the top coins with ease.

Some traders like to use decentralised exchanges, sometimes known as “DEXs”, to invest in coins like SCB. We advise against this, however, as these platforms are usually unlicensed and as such offer investors very little protection. All of the platforms we recommend are fully licensed and regulated.


eToro is one of the world’s leading multi-asset trading platforms offering some of the lowest commission and fee rates in the industry. It’s social copy trading features make it a great choice for those getting started.

Buy SCB with eToro today

CAPEX is an awarded fintech brand, globally recognized for a strong presence in shaping the future of trading. The company focuses on making the markets more accessible & transforming the way people trade online.

Buy SCB with CAPEX today

What is Space Cow Boy?

Space Cow Boy is an NFT hub that curates a selection of rare NFTs made by sci-fi lovers, for sci-fi lovers. This includes rare collectables and virtual trading cards as well as art. With an integrated marketplace and store, collectors can farm new NFTs via staking and network participation as well as seeking out their favourites from sellers on the platform.

The NFT market has exploded this year, and sci-fi lovers may be baffled by the sheer volume of NFTs on the market. Space Cow Boy aims to make it easier to find the best sci-fi tokens by curating a small selection, and this could help new investors get into the NFT market.

Should I buy SCB today?

SCB is one of today’s trending coins and is performing better than almost every other token on the market today. The SCB price is currently up by 170% on the day, and at $14.38, today’s price is up by an astonishing 702% over the last 14 days. This makes SCB one of the leading NFT-based tokens.

Should the NFT movement continue to grow—as many analysts expect it to—then there is a strong possibility that Space Cow Boy will continue to gain popularity in the long term.

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Author: Joe Khalique-Brown