SpaceX Sent An Ethereum Node To The International Space Station

SpaceX sent an Ethereum node to the International space station and the crypto company Spacechain was behind the payload, hoping to move helps with bigger security of Ethereum as well as to boost adoption so let’s read more in our latest Ethereum news.

The space transportation and aerospace company SpaceX carried out an ETH node to the International Space Station a day ago with the SpaceChain Foundation. Nexus is a client of Spacechain and provided the ISS with the installation solution that is required for an ETH node. The Singapore-based Spacechain builds out the blockchain protocols and networks in space and offers space-as-a-service for businesses that are looking to do blockchain or crypto stuff in space.

It could sound like a joke to some but SpaceChain has serious aspirations as they said in a tweet:

“Catch the live launch of CRS-22 in approximately 2 hours, where our #ETH multisig will be on board. This will be SpaceChain’s first commercial launch. The nodes will be installed on a YAM-2 satellite carried by a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket under the rideshare program. The mission will be operated by Loft Orbital.”

As per TweakTown, the ETH node was placed on SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket and it was the fourth blockchain payload to get into space and the move is said to be a demonstration of the integration of ETH technology into the hardware on the ISS. As per Spacechain, the space node increased the overall security of the ETH network and enables users to utilize the world’s biggest and most-used blockchains in a truly private manner. Some in the crypto space said that the launch is just a tipping point for the wider blockchain adoption. Spacechain is getting the multisig into space with SpaceX with commercial capabilities, preparing it for wider adoption of blockchain for enterprise business applications as Tim Draper said in a tweet.

SpaceX sent an Ethereum node to the ISS but its payloads are out ending here. The company will use its Falcon 9 rocket for a new trip to the ISS later this month and carries out nodes that are created for crypto companies like Nexus, Divine, and Biteeu.

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Author: Stefan