The NOW Tracker App launches on the Google Play Store

It is now easier to track your cryptocurrencies on your mobile, allowing you to check your balance and transaction history even while on the move

ChangeNOW has announced the launch of its NOW Tracker app on the Google Play store, making it available to millions of users on the Android platform. The company announced this recently, with the app expected to make it easy for people to track their cryptocurrency portfolio.

In a blog post, ChangeNOW said the NOW Tracker app is designed to allow users to track the balance of their crypto assets and their history even while on the move. To ensure its adoption, ChangeNOW has made the mobile app easy to use.

Simply add the wallet addresses of the cryptocurrencies you’d like to track. The balance and the transactions’ history will appear on your screen. For your convenience, we display the balance both in crypto and your local fiat currency,” the company said.

ChangeNOW is one of the leading non-custodial service providers that strive to make it easy for people to manage their cryptocurrency portfolio. In addition to the wallet feature, the NOW Tracker app also has an analytics section.

In this section, users can see what their portfolios are composed of by shares. The feature is available to help traders and investors diversify their cryptocurrency investments. When using the auto tracker mode, the NOW Tracker app ensures that the user’s balances, transaction history and shares are updated automatically.

However, users have the option of switching to the manual tracker mode. In this mode, the user is tasked with updating the balances and other features manually. The NOW Tracker app could make it easier for people to keep up with their cryptocurrency portfolio.

The importance of tracking your cryptocurrency portfolio can’t be overstated, with the increasing number of crypto assets available to investors, making it tough for some people to handle the various aspects of investment.

ChangeNOW stated that downloading the NOW Tracker app is easy and registration-free for anyone interested.

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Author: Hassan Maishera