The Spirit of the Olympics with Veronica Toro

Proof of Love is proud to present its first Olympian guest, Veronica Toro! Veronica is the first female rower to represent Puerto Rico in the Olympics. She joins the program today to talk about how she was first exposed to the sport of rowing in college, the struggles of juggling her training with her studies in med school, the unprecedented delay of the Tokyo Olympics and navigating the upcoming Games’ COVID protocols, and embracing the NFT world!

About the Guest:
Veronica Toro was born and raised in Puerto Rico, where she attended Academia San Jose and graduated in 2012. She started rowing as a freshman in college at MIT, where she obtained her Bachelor’s in Biological Engineering in 2016. While being part of the First Varsity Eight of the MIT Woman’s Open Weight Crew, she started competing as the Woman Single sculler for Puerto Rico in 2014.

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