Trading robot 1KDailyProfit approaches critical mass in Spanish-speaking markets

Industry sources have told CoinList that the cryptocurrency trading bot’s uptake has accelerated rapidly

Highly-touted cryptocurrency trading robot 1KDailyProfit is experiencing unprecedented sign-ups and search volume, according to an industry source known to CoinList. The source explained that the uptick in interest comes predominantly from the Spanish-speaking market, and has coincided with a large social media campaign. 

What is driving interest in 1KDailyProfit?

CoinList’s source has disclosed that sign-up volumes have coincided with a strategic marketing campaign, devised to inform a wider audience of the apparent benefits of using 1KDailyProfit. This campaign appears to have worked, with the source also reporting an increase in search volume for topics surrounding the robot. 

The surge in interest could also be attributed in part to the recent resurgence of the cryptocurrency market in general. With Bitcoin once again touching $50,000 and the likes of Ethereum and Cardano also flying, more and more people are flocking to the cryptocurrency market with hopes of making a tidy profit. 1KDailyProfit claims to offer a head start to those who want in on the action, but lack the technical experience required to make money from traditional trading.

What is 1KDailyProfit?

1KDailyProfit is a cryptocurrency trading robot that claims to offer users a 99.8% win rate via an automated trading system. This figure appears to be unsubstantiated but is highly impressive if the claims are true. The bot uses algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) to analyse the price movements of cryptocurrencies and other traded markets, performing thousands of calculations per second in an attempt to give users an edge over traders relying solely on their human sensory inputs.1KDailyProfit claims to have been founded by a former Goldman Sachs employee, John Becker, but the truth of this claim is also unclear. What is clear is that users are signing up at an unprecedented rate, presumably drawn in by a feature list that supposedly includes a demo account option, SSL encryption for top-notch security, and an intuitive, user-friendly interface. The robot even claims to offer 24/7 customer support.

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Author: Joe Khalique-Brown


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