What Bitcoin Did – WBD326: Bitcoin Rehab: American HODL Yells at Everyone

Location: Remotely

Date: Thursday 25th March

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Back in the fall, American HODL and I bet on the outcome of the US election, with Phil Geiger, from Unchained Capital as the arbiter. In this show, we got together to settle the bet.

But so much has happened since we made the bet and I asked HODL to join us for a monthly bitcoin rehab show.

Despite the massive gains bitcoin has made this last year, it feels like a wall of money is still to come. Money managers increasingly realize their jobs may be replaced by two words: ‘œbuy bitcoin’. Top risk analysis teams at companies like iconic insurance firm MassMutual are hedging with massive allocations. The only real question is, who’s next?

While the price action has been bouncing around for the past few weeks, sometimes we perhaps lose perspective on how far we have come. Weak hands sell; strong hands accumulate.

In this interview, I talk to American HODL and Phil Geiger. We discuss settlement of our Trump bet, rumours of the incoming institutional stampede, strong hands (and HODL yells at everyone).

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